7 Inches & Other Delights

by Bubbles in the Think Tank

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    Limited edition of 300. Order by April 10 so the record should ship in time to get to you by Record Store Day 2014 (April 19th).

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I used to think that it could never be better than the first time.

But that was so many years ago.

Now I know that every time we come together, it gets so much better. And so now it’s time to ask you, the listener or the fan or the vinyl enthusiast, to come with me on the journey to find ... no, to create 7 Inches & Other Delights.

We've tried again to make things the best they can be. I know, we ask ourselves all the time just how these records keep getting better and better when the last one was the most perfect record ever.

But I know why. It’s because we do it together. So let’s do it again.

First we made The Petite 7 Inch Record. Then last year, it was Eponymously Entitled.

And this time, it’s 7 Inches & Other Delights!


released April 19, 2014

Brought to You by:

Belinda - Dominatrix of the Airwaves & Most Exalted Monkey Queen of Rock & Roll
January Fairy - Effervescent Queen & Voice In Your Dreams

The Ever-Embiggening Staff of Bubbles in the Think Tank:
Rich Culbertson - Executive Producer
Fred Boak - Associate Producer and Valet (when Chandler isn’t using him)
Marshall Frederick Stockwell Jr. - Titular Head of Research
Sweet Joe Silver - Churlman of the Board, NYC office
Vince Hans - RadiObituary collaborator from TheMusicsOver.com
Paul Cirincione - Spiritual Advisor
Not Todd - Keymaster in charge of Quality Control
KTUF - Poet Laureate
Saint Slade - Cat Wrangler
Scott Cornish - Ambassador Feelgood
Chuck U - Not Belinda
Percy the Helper Monkey

The Upstanding Production Staff:
Fred Boak - Artist Wrangler and Moral Support
Shaun “Wolf” Wortis - Art Director
Jad Fair - Artist (front cover)
Deane Arnold - Label design
Marshal Frederick Stockwell Jr. - Titular art contributions
Harold Feld - Liner Notes
Mike Conway - Crisp Captioning
KTUF - Poetry
Paul Cirincione - Record Release Party coordinator

Special Thanks:
David Andrew Dugle and Bill Brinkmoeller, who started it all
Paul Rapp, Esq
You, The Listener. Yes, it’s all about you.
The artists from all three records, but especially Ray Mason who inspired me to finally do this and may well be the best human on the planet and Chandler Travis for allowing Bubbles in the Think Tank to hitch our wagon to his star and not complaining about it too much

After expenses, proceeds from this record will go to support WMFO 91.5FM, the Boston home of Bubbles in the Think Tank. We love WMFO!

Produced in loving memory of Tommy Ardolino


all rights reserved



Bubbles in the Think Tank Boston, Massachusetts

Bubbles in the Think Tank is a silly radio show that airs Saturdays at 11pm eastern in the Boston area on WMFO 91.5FM and online at wmfo.org. Archives are always available at bubblesinthethinktank.com.

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Track Name: KTUF - A Long Player Record Poem (Bonus Download Track)
Mr. Dino says, "I'm a record!"

Talk about records
How they're made
What they mean
To people
Their history
Tar out of the earth
Record station
Radio plays them
All day long
The clocking spinning
Valley of nooks and crannies
Needle riding ups and downs
Zooms up the stylus
Through wired

Where does the sound start?

Born to beat
The boom
The drum
The heart
The moan
The nursery hum.

This is a record poem
Recorded for your listening pleasure

Half the time is for the grooves
The other half for pleasure
In rooms made of every sound
Spare rooms
Plug it in...

The inner sleeve
Liner notes
Thanks to...
Cover design creates
A multifaceted
Timeline of the
Last 100 and something years...

Grooving the grooves like
Bumps in the night...

"I made a record poem!"

One of the few XMAS presents
One knew
But could be anything.

("Hey. I don't get all the long specifics,
But science makes records!")

Lacquer masters the
Sound factor
Speed and
Playing time and
Sound levels

Number of grooves per inch?
Sound dynamics
How far apart?

(How the hell does the needle know what to
play? Where to start!)

Are original tapes really in vaults forever?

Air translates the brain mouth makes
Sounds into music
Notes recorded
A whole history of how that happens?
Available upon request!

Nickel’s needed
Smooth walled grooves
Thin deposits of copper
Thick copper.

A roadmap of lacquer masters
Silver to the face
Grooves in lacquer positive
Another separation
Mold lacquer master stamper
Metal builds up
Hard nickel
Ridges press the groove
In records
Two tons of pressure
The finest pure vinyl obtainable
Granules melted and
A new record stamped every few seconds

(I'm Mr. Dino. Remember me?
I bring you music!)

It cools plays
Pressings begin
Ingenious machine turns them out
Stacked trimmed
Sleeve hole up!
Mold is played 8 hours a day
A record listener listens
No defects allowed!

It's exacting transferring soul.

(And now...
Humanities: the story of communication,
Music, rhythm, and how it all happened,
Liner notes
Maths and sciences: acoustics, electricity,
Magnetism, invention, time signatures
Economics: who pays and who gains,
Supporting an enterprise of people
Means an underbelly of cheats and liars so
Create a big tent that allows creativity…)

I love the label circles in the
Middle of the records!
All the different labels!

Thought to sound
Sound as chemical current
Vibrating the
Transfer of soul
To soul

Nowhere is technology so matched
To this natural progression
Than making a record.

Beating melody
Grooves lay the information
Records have it all.

December 2013 cum January 2014